The first time you meet Darren you accidentally throw water on him, you apologize profusely, he then takes your face in his hands and tells you “Calm down, it’s perfectly fine.” and give you a big smile.

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When you feel upset and insecure, Darren sings you Let Me Love You (Until You Learn to Love Yourself) until you feel better.

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When you open your eyes in the morning you see Darren watching you, he smiles and says “Good morning Sunshine, you’ve been snoring all night!”

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Darren leaving adorable love notes on your steering wheel in the morning.

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When will we get more?? I miss them:( <3


I keep forgetting. I’m sorry, love. 

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sorry if it's creepy but i'm stacking you right now i'll reread your posts all over again cause i 've missed smiling so here i'm 5 pages in and my face hurts like crap :D love you you're an amazing writer hope u keep posting awesome things 4 many many years 2 come really helps

Not creepy at all! I appreciate when people read the things I’ve written!!! Thank you so so so so so much!

I’ll post again soon! 

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For your first date, Darren takes you to a tiny restaurant. Every time you don’t know where to eat, that’s where you go.

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Darren announcing you’re pregnant and the Starkids bombarding you both with hugs


Cuddling up next to Darren after a long hard day and falling asleep right there on the couch

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You wake up and find Darren missing from the bed, you get up and find him in the kitchen making you breakfast


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